SB 155 Update

Delaying Medicaid Managed Care Step 2

Wednesday - April 19th - 9:30am LOB Room 205

SB 155- a bill relative to delaying the implementation of Medicaid managed care will be heard by the NH House Health, Human Service and Elderly Affairs Committee tomorrow, Wednesday, April 18, 2017 at 9:30am in the Legislative Office Building, room 205.  

To read to latest version of the bill,  click here.

Ways you can help support the bill

1.  Show up and sign in as supporting the bill.

2.  Provide written testimony one of three ways.

If you already submitted testimony, simply reuse the same testimony you submitted to the NH Senate Health and Human Services Committee.  However, now it should be addressed to the House Committee as follows:

Chairman Frank Kotowski and Committee members
House Health, Human Service & Elderly Affairs Committee 
Re: SB 155
Dear Chairman Kotowski (remember-not Senator Bradley)

Written testimony can be submitted until the NH House Committee on Health, Human Services and Elderly Affairs goes into Executive Session but we strongly recommend you do this today. 

Please let us know what you action you will take by emailing lisa.ablenh@gmail.org.  

On behalf of ABLE NH, we deeply appreciate your support of SB 155.

  If you are interested in joining ABLE in this effort, or on other issues that impact people with disabilities, visit www.ablenh.org or email info@ablenh.org.

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