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ABLE NH advocates for the civil and human rights of all children and adults with disabilities and promotes full participation by improving systems of supports, connecting families, inspiring communities and influencing public policy.   

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What's going on at ABLE? 

ABLE Leader Forrest Beaudion-friede testifies in Concord.

NH Senate Health & Human Services Committee unanimously support Early Supports and Services appropriation bill.

Concord, NH. February 7, 2017

In collaboration with families, advocates, and providers ABLE NH leader Forrest Beaudoin-Friede of Peterborough provided compelling, articulate testimony in support of Senate Bill 153 Tuesday.

Senate Bill 153 was sponsored by Sen. Woodburn, Sen. Bradley, Rep. M. MacKay, and Rep. LeBrun. If supported by the full legislature and governor during the budget process, it would increase state funding for early intervention services and supports by $1.3 million to be matched with federal funds.

“This critical component of care is the most prudent, impactful, results-driven appropriation the Legislature will make this year.” Mr. Beaudoin-Friede's remarked. Mr. Beaudoin-Friede who received early supports and services now owns a small business called Best Brothers Bakery. His testimony deeply moved members of the committee who broke into applause.

This initiative was lead and coordinated by Sarah Aiken, Policy Director at Community Bridges and brought forward by members of the 2017 NH Institute on Disability Leadership Series. The bill gained the attention and unanimous support of Chairman Bradley and Senators Avard, Fuller-Clark, & Hennessey, all members of Senate Health & Human Services Committee.

According to the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, effective early intervention services show a return to society of almost ten dollars for every dollar invested in birth to three early intervention services.

Senator Bradley ended the hearing by stating “We [Senate Health & Human Services Committee] are going to recommend on a very strong basis, obviously, for its (SB 153) adoption. . . $1.3 million is a very realistic number to get funded. . .” adding the process is not a slam dunk and there is more work to do.

ABLE NH is looking forward to preparing testimony for the Senate Finance committee who will be hearing the bill next. If you are interested in joining ABLE in this effort, or on other issues that impact people with disabilities, visit www.ablenh.org or email info@ablenh.org.

Task Force Work Begins

On November 5th, the membership of ABLE NH met and chose the two new issues of focus for the coming year.

1.  The Right to Communicate

2.  Employment and Transition

The existing Managed Care Task Force gained new members during the assembly.  The group will continue to work on Medicaid Managed Care and ensure family voices are heard in Concord.

If you would like more information or want to join either task force - Call Linda Q at 603-494-1183

How you can get involved

We need volunteers to help plan the issues assembly on November 5th, We are beginning our fall fund raiser planning committee and would like some new ideas and thoughts on .

Does Meeting planning sound like fun? 

Spring Fundraiser

We need new committee members to help us plan our spring event.  Party people can sign up anytime!

Golf Tournament team

The golf tournament is one of our most successful events and every year we need help selling sponsorships and recruiting golfers.

Too busy to volunteer? Financial Support is always needed.

No state or federal funds

ABLE receives not state or federal funding.  This allows ABLE to chose our own issues and be truly membership driven without ties to governmental rule. It also means we work hard to raise every dime.


Membership begins with an investment of $60 per year.  Our goal for the end of 2016 is to have 25 new members in December 2016.

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